TV, Radio, Web, Corporate, Industrial and all avenues in  between, you can hear me worldwide. Frightening as that is I am a daily part of commercial, narration, radio imaging, station sound and audio branding for companies, stations and networks – and maybe, YOU?

Recent National Brands and Platforms like Hulu, Spotify, SoundCloud (Updated 02/15) Miller, Coors, Michelob, Columbia, Long John Silvers, Poo-Pourri (National Superbowl Sound Awards winner) Chevy, Intel, GM, American Airlines, Nissan plus many regionals have forced me into a booth to speak for them. Please contact me to discuss your project anytime!  OR I can do a custom demo right NOW! Or just check out my demos bottom of this page.

The site contains samples of my work, details on services offered, products I produce for purchase plus “The Producers” podcast.  If it has something to do with audio, I am available to work for you and your brand.

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  • Episode 78: David Lee david lee

    Certainly a guest that needs very little introduction.  Even if you don’t know the name, once you hear him you will know him. David Lee […]

  • John Frost at the Imaging Days KxdF1Ujj_400x400

    The press release below says it all but based on this announcement and the previous Kelly (x3) Doherty announcement, Anthony Timmers and the team with […]

  • THE Media Bracket!! 37391c80b10b76ee3d82fb4feea5a0b5

    If you need another bracket to be a part of I’ve set this up for media pros everywhere.  To be honest anyone who finds this […]

  • Episode 77: Anthony Gay EMakWKrI

    This podcast has been extra “Britishy” lately and will continue to be for a little longer. (Soon we will get the chat completed with the […]

  • Benztown Iron Imager 2015 Entry Time iron_imaging_logo_v2

    My colleagues at Benztown are bringing back the most cut-throat reality competition known to man: Iron Imager.  Startling are the lengths to which producers will go […]

  • Episode 76: 360 Country Call – Artist Audio 360Square_tag

    This is another “Special” episode that runs across multiple platforms.  Personally I think it could or should be useful to anyone who produces imaging, in […]

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